31 03 2010

The salient features of most casual dining restaurants are usually the sub-par food quality and the tardy service. Hence, expectations were definitely non-existent when I decided to sample Watami’s lunch sets priced from $8.90++.

All lunch sets come with a not so appetizing salad. The lettuce was old and dry.

The Pork Cutlet in Sizzling Drizzled Egg Set($9.80++) was surprisingly good. The cutlet came separately from the raw egg and you pour it into the hotplate whenever you are ready which effectively obviates the issue of a soggy cutlet. Only very slightly paler in comparison to Tonkichi, the pork was juicy and the batter crisp, just the way it should be.

The Ginger Pork Stone Pot Rice Set($9.80++) was like a hotplate shabu shabu which I found pretty average and simple.

The Chashu Ramen & Small Chirashi Set($12.80++) was really feeling, best for those who intend to carbo-load. I liked the Chirashi, a decent mix of unagi, tobiko(flying fish roe), tako, tuna, salmon with shreds of tamago over rice. Anyway just basic side info about the basic roes found in Jap cuisine. In ascending order in terms of size, Mentaiko(Alaskan Pollock Roe) is usually pink or red and slightly smaller than Ebiko, Ebiko(Shrimp roe) is the really small orange coloured ones, Tobiko(Flying Fish Roe) usually comes in orange(sometimes in yellow or black) and is slightly larger than the Ebiko and lastly the Ikura(Salmon Roe) which are the large red ones.   

The Chashu Ramen on the other hand was way disappointing. How did a semi-cooked lava yolk turn into a hard boiled egg? Moreover, the Chashu was tough and chewy, the soup salty and the ramen pretty much tasting like a badly done Maggi Mee. Word of advice, Stay Away…

Unless I’m desperate for a Buta Hire Katsu(Pork Cutlet), I would probably give Watami a miss in future. The food here was way too casual for me…

Bon Appetit!




6 EU TONG SEN STREET #03-82/83/85/102/108/109

TEL: +65 6323 3398



One response

8 04 2010

i tried Watami at Ion though, thought it was nice! not so for the ramen but i love the chicken cutlet w egg + the sushi which i thought was pretty different from the usual sushi!

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