Tony Cafe

6 04 2010

Cheap and good, that’s what most Singaporeans desire right? And that was the picture D painted to me about Tony Cafe, a hidden gem located within The Adelphi @ City Hall. I tried Googling it but to no avail and was slightly distraught that no one else could paint a clearer picture for me. I ended up making a trip down personally and am glad I did, for Monday Lunch to be exact where they served their supposedly famous Fried Chicken Rice Set(only served on Mon, Wed & Sat).

Tony Cafe is actually an economic rice eatery(which I only discovered there and then)…and I know posting about an unassuming economic rice stall is a far cry from the epicurean experience but it seemed pretty popular with the lunch crowd, with hordes of primarily working individuals thronging the shop with a queue that snaked till the corridors of Adelphi’s second level. So it had to be good right? (AND IT BETTER BE SINCE THE PEOPLE AROUND ME WERE PROB GIVING ME WEIRD STARES THINKING I NEVER EAT ECONOMIC RICE BEFORE AS I WHIPPED OUT MY CAMERA!)

Initially, I was a bit turned off by the endless queue, but with 4 of the staff tripling up as scoopers/packers/cashiers, the 20 odd people in front of me were able to buy, pay and collect their nosh within 10min record time. Most customers order take aways due to the limited seating capacity made worse by the staggering lunch crowd(my group went over to Funan’s foodcourt with our takeaways too).

Almost everyone else I saw there ordered the Fried Chicken Rice($3) and I followed suit, adding some curry veg and potatoes($0.50 per veg side) as sides to aid digestion future bowel movements(too much info there). The great thing about Tony Cafe is that they bothered to separate the fried chicken from the chicken rice to prevent it from getting soggy, a nice touch there. And it worked! By the time I reached Funan, my fried chicken(consisting of 2 wings) was still crispy and very palatable with my chicken rice warm and fragrant, something I wouldn’t expect from any other economic rice stall. Oh yea, they do provide the standard chicken rice chili too!


With the high turnover, the food was fresh(especially the chicken which came piping hot just out of the fryer), tasty and definitely value for money. 2 things still puzzle me though. Firstly why doesn’t Tony Cafe sell their Fried Chicken Rice everyday and secondly why isn’t Tony Cafe Googlable? I wonder…

Bon Appetit!






TEL: +65 6336 7869

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