Cafe Epicurious

13 04 2010

“Dear Ben, I miss you terribly! Have have you been the past few weeks? I know I haven’t been spending enough time with you because my schedule has been rather busy of late but I promise this will all change if you would just give me a chance. Meet me at Cafe Epicurious for Sunday Brunch and we will work things out, I promise!”


There he was, slathered with a rich Hollandaise Sauce. He was the only constant in an everchanging world and the mere sight made me recall why I loved him so. Dressed in an English Muffin and skirt of Ham, I wouldn’t have him any other way. His temperament was mild today, not as sour but equally buttery as when I met him at Cafe Hacienda and Rider’s Cafe. I preferred him better this way. We embraced and after the exchange of a few love bites, he was gone yet again…leaving me with an empty heart, a full gut and not to mention a $12++ bill.

I was crestfallen once more and left in a ditch. Then I thought to myself, maybe Ben was just too immature. I needed someone more disciplined, someone from the military. That’s when I found Baked Eggs with Toast Soldiers($12++ with a choice of Ham, Mushroom or Shrimp as fillings). He really went by the book and never allowed any shortcuts. Everytime he was ordered, he would be started from scratch and given an allowance of 20 minutes to gear up. He was my favourite of the lot, despite his cheesy demeanor. Actually that was what I liked about him, unpretentious and expressive in all his flavours(eggs, tomato, cream, shrimp baked with cheese).

We later separated because I couldn’t take the excruciating 20mins wait whenever I desperately needed him. Jaded by my failed relationships, I went into flings. Carpe diem or just simply to seize the pleasures of today was my new motto. Whatever I liked, I just took, it was relationship ala-carte, a freestyle order of 2 Sunny Side Up Eggs served with Buttered Toast($6++) with Tomato($0.70++), Onion($0.70++), Bacon($2.50++) & Sausage($2.50++). Ironically, these flings turned out to be highly satisfying.

When I was finally ready to settle down, I eventually found someone who was secured(not financially but wrapped in a burrito). The Breakfast Burrito($12++) had a filling of Chorizo, Tomato, Cheddar and Tomato Chili Relish with a side of Salsa. I didn’t love him as much as my other ex-es so this would probably spell the start of an extra-marital affair.

By the way, all meals came with Sauteed Potatoes which were simply orgasmic.


Drinks here are reasonably priced. A bottle of Snapple amounts to $4++.

Epicurious is a nice place to chill and people watch with a nice view of the Singapore River. However be warned, queues are amazingly lengthy during weekend brunch and the blazing sun can be a real pain for al fresco diners.

Bon Appetit!





TEL: +65 6734 7720



14 responses

13 04 2010

Saw this on my FB news feed, you have a funny way of writing Peter 😀 And since when are $4++ Snapples “reasonably priced”? Unless I’ve been away too long..

-Yang (from RJ Canoe in case you don’t remember!)

13 04 2010

even ntuc sells snapple for $2.20 i think. so nt bad liao, still less then twice the price…coke on the other hand, ntuc sells at $0.40 a can but they epicurious will charge $3. so Snapple is freaking cheap relatively.

haha or maybe the snapple u rmb was from china…fake snapple.

13 04 2010

HAHAHA PETER! Your entry was hilariously entertaining! Love your style of writing. ( Even though at the start of the entry I thought you had a secret crush on er, our Ben)

Brunch again soon, but supper this Wednesday first! 😀

13 04 2010

lol. can’t believe u could ever qn my sexuality?! lol i better start chickling this wed lest more pple think i’m queer…

13 04 2010

HAHAH yeah i was wtf did peter msg ben to arrange brunch.. i didnt rmb it happening that way.

this entry rocks!

13 04 2010

niceeeeee. maybe behind the scenes this is how ben and me roll!

13 04 2010

HAHAHAHA I WAS THINKING WHAT IS UP WITH YOU AND BEN (TAN) TOO. Oh puns how I love thee! Anw you sound like LIC! Not that that’s a bad thing though.
I just rolled out of bed and am too sleepy to understand your entry but…why did you not try the apple crumble! It’s really good! I dunch like the egg bens at Epicurious already!

(And err..chickling on weds..?)

13 04 2010

have u seen me chickling at mambo b4? no rite. guess i’m just too decent a guy.

13 04 2010

Jio Ben never jio me. what a friend ah

13 04 2010

u know ben meh? this was our mambo clique brunch!

13 04 2010

yes yes. BEN is here.. HAHAHA. awwww.. PETER.. HOW SWEET OF YOU.. LOL… thanks ar.. you named me after those eggs that you ingested!! hahaha.. but it was hilarous!!! hahahahahaha.. more food outings!! it was fun! 😀

13 04 2010

i just realised we din take any pics to upload on fb! ben tat was your job!

18 04 2010

wow im quite impressed by your creativity!

19 04 2010
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