Din Tai Fung

15 04 2010

It was around my early Secondary School days when the hype for Casual Chinese Restaurant Dining started budding, with Crystal Jade leading at the forefront of course. But somehow, CJ never really took to me so when Din Tai Fung appeared on scene, I shrugged it off as another CJ wannabe till my Junior College days…

Yes, it took me that long to discover DTF’s Xiao Long Baos and Fried Rice. My friend HH and I would sometimes take a short stroll to the DTF @ Junction 8 when we were bored with the school canteen’s excuse for food. Perhaps our palates weren’t as discerning but in the past, DTF never failed to please our palates.

We were back at our old Bishan J8 DTF hangout again last weekend after our weekly Sunday soccer game(in a feeble attempt to act fit) at our alma mater. It was nostalgic to see that nothing much had changed here and we carried on our tradition of Fried Rice, XLBs and Soup.

HH enjoyed his Chicken Soup. Simplistic yet hearty.

There’s something about the Fried Rice with Shrimps/Pork Shreads here which I have never been able to put my finger on. Is it the evenly fried individual grains of rice, the fragrance from the spring onions or some special ingredient X? Actually, I don’t really care. It’s comfort food to me…

DTF’s signature XLBs! Of late, I actually feel the standard dipping quite a bit. The soup doesn’t taste as umami as it used to, the meat fillings less smooth and the skin slightly thicker.

Apart from the Fried Rice and XLPs though, I do feel that DTF has nothing much else to offer. It’s noodles and soups are average at best and plz do not get conned and order their prawn dumpling(Har Gao), it’s actually just a prawn on top of a XLB and they charge 50% more. 

Bon Appetit!





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