Rider’s Cafe

2 05 2010

“Nestled in a lush hidden corner of Singapore, Riders Cafe proves to a be the perfect form of escape from the hectic bustle of city life. Seemingly copied from a typical European countryside scene, the pace of life in this area magically slows down and it isn’t uncommon to spot patrons leisurely soaking in the ambience while reading the papers and nibbling on their breakfast pancakes. The laid back vibes of Rider’s Cafe never fails to enchant.” –an excerpt  from my previous HGW post on Riders

Located at Bukit Timah Saddle Club, the salient feature here is the horsies! Unfortunately, it was raining heavily when I arrived for lunch so the horsies were a no show today.

On my last 2 visits, I tried their breakfast/brunch menu (Big Breakie, Norwegian Benedict and Pancakes) which was pretty good but I decided to order from the lunch menu instead today.

The Garlic Prawn Portobello with Market Greens, Onion & Bacon($14++) was lovely. The simple earthly flavours from a Grilled Portobello just gets to me(in a good way).

Seafood Marinara($20++) was unspectacular. The pasta was soft and overcooked with the seafood not being exceptionally fresh either.

If I could choose how I would pass on to the afterlife, I would definitely choose to go by Death By Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream($12++). The Chocolate Cake itself wasn’t really intensely chocolatey but drowning it in chocolate sauce did the trick. Anyway, I guess it’s called Death by Chocolate Cake because it gets really cloying after a while. My advice(even for chocoholics) is plz don’t be garang(bold) and attempt finishing this on your own.  

I really like Rider’s Breakfast Menu but not so much for their lunch and dinner ones. It’s a great place to just chillax so it was a pity S and myself had a tight schedule to meet, resulting in a hurried lunch. It didn’t help that service was sluggish today, probably a result of being currently understaffed. For just one starter, main and dessert to share amongst the 2 of us, the bill came up to $60 which is rather steep considering that we could have gotten 2 decent 3-course set lunches elsewhere.  

Bon Appetit!





TEL: +65 6446 9818

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