Wild Honey – Look out for the honeys!

5 05 2010

Brunch was invented a long long time ago for many reasons. The first that comes to mind is the story where Adam(the first human who ate brunch), after a night of partying, woke up in the region between 10am-2pm feeling rather guilty he hadn’t done anything for the whole morning. So instead of having lunch(where he would have inevitably admitted to wasting the whole morning), he invented brunch to refute others when they accused him of bumming around. He would then reply, “Nope. I took brunch and did some work after that, thus not wasting the whole morning.”

I believe myself to be a direct descendant of Adam, finding myself on many an occasion having brunch. For me, Wild Honey is a Godsend with a whole day brunch menu! Yes, attempts to guilt trip me if I wake up at 4pm are now futile. “Yes. I took brunch and did some work after that.”

Being a whole day brunch place, the demographic of Wild Honey is skewed heavily towards the fairer sex, whom are better known at enjoying brunch. Hence, when 7 testosterone laden males decided to dine here, unsurprisingly interesting silly ideas such as “Why don’t you start reviewing restaurant waitresses along with the food?” came up. Typical immature guys…was I going to get taken in? NOOOOO!!!

So I decided to snap some pics of the chio patrons surroundings instead.

Amuse Bouche for the day: Eye Candy! But B’s sweet tooth was not so easily satisfied. Therefore, he ordered a Banoffee Brulee($9++) which was this Banana Mocha(or Chocolate) Drink. I took a sip and it was not bad though I don’t see how it warrants such a hefty pricetag.

Wild Honey specialises in the signature breakfast/brunch items from various countries, hmm do you spot the slight oxymoron here? Anyways, I shall start with the Scandinavian($24++). Grilled Norwegian salmon fillet and green asparagus, potato rosti in Hollandaise sauce. My Salmon Fillet was overcooked such that the skin was burnt and gave off a sooty bitter taste. The Rosti(it’s a swiss german invention says wikipedia) was acceptable, just some edible fried potato strips… 

The European($18++) smacked my sweet spot with the Eggs Benedict with Field Mushrooms & Sausage. I love the Eggs Ben here for some reason, as well as the sauteed mushrooms but the sausage didn’t really taste all that good though I could tell it was packed with relatively high quality meat.

New York($24++) comprised of Scrambled eggs with caramelized onions & smoked sturgeon, bagel & cream cheese. The portion was really pathetic. B was really sad and had a tough time locating the smoked sturgeon within the omelette. Initially he thought the sturgeon would come as a large piece or at least in strips. Sobz…

I guess the most value for money would be the English($22++) since it had Eggs(any way), Sausage, Tomato, Mushrooms, Baked beans, Potato & Bacon with Thick Toast. It made for quite the hearty meal.

My favourite though was the Tunisian($18++) with it’s Sizzling pan of Tomato Stew, Fried Eggs & Chorizo Sausage. The spicy sausage went well with the tomato tang and the myriad of colours was so psychedelic.

Belgian Waffles with Mango($18++)! Freakishly Bo Hua and doesn’t even match up to Gelare…And Waffle Dinner? LOLzzz…

Canadian Pancakes($18++) for dinner ain’t exactly any better than waffles. No wonder the Americans keep laughing at the Canadians but there’s bacon! Niceeee…

Generally mediocre and overpriced, I guess the most awesome dish here is the Eye Candy after all!

Bon Appetit!





TEL: +65 6235 3900



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