Orgo – Orgasmic Cocktails

19 05 2010

At this point of the year, University Application results come across to many as a looming albatross and while most contend with worries whether they manage to make it to the university of their choice, S was instead bothered by her choice of scholarship, freting on which one to take up; a bond-free local one or an overseas one which comes with a bond. For me, it would have been a easy choice…I cried in the shower when my best friend in Pri Sch missed going to the same Sec school as me by 1 point in the PSLE aggregate, (not to mention the 6-year slavery to a statutory board). Yes, my self-proclaimed new-age manliness(the epitome of sensitivity and sophistication) is way more attractive than the typical buff and masculine jockey types, right?…At least in my view(but who says I’m not buff and masculine too!).

Anyways, S finally reached a decision today and has decided to say too-da-loo to our fair island city. More often than not, these scenarios(which thx to our rigid education system has become all so commonplace) have always evoked the same ambivalent feelings within me, for while I’m happy that they(friends and family) get to slack for their university life(and still return with 1st class honours thx to UK’s education system which awards honours almost as generously as they do admissions) and travel around the world to expand their horizons, a tinge of sadness envelops me whenever I think of the possibility that our deep-rooted friendships might erode over time.

Parting is such Sweet Sorrow…though only in the best-case scenario. In most scenarios, parting is simply parting…

Replete with overwhelming latent emotions, what better cure was there than to drown my emo feelings with intoxication by what I would think of as gourmet Cocktails @ Orgo.

Actually what intially drew me to Orgo was their concept of Organic Chemistry whereby for some items on the menu, only organic produce is used. This novelty coupled with the presence of the celebrity mixologist Tomoyuki Kitazoe and the stunning Esplanade rooftop ambience was more than enough reason to justify the visit. The glass walls separating the al fresco and indoor areas enable those who shun the local humidity and heat to enjoy the paranomic view of the Singapore skyline and Marina Bay resort in the luxury of indoor aircon comfort too! 

This being my virgin visit, most of the food and drink orders were recommendations by the staff. 

Described as “Kurobuta & Chicken Parcel gratinated in melted Foie Gras”, the Foie Gras Siew Mai($12++) sounded too good to be true. Kurobuta and Foie Gras together? What have I done to deserve such luxury? Swoons…That said, Orgo probably mixed up the Foie Gras Siew Mai recipe with the recipe for utter disappointment, whipping up the latter instead. There was a strong gamey and porky flavour and the rough texture was atypical of what I’d normally expect from Kurobuta. Usually the saving grace, I have always thought that it would be impossible to screw up a Foie Gras but for Orgo, impossible is nothing. I assumed that melting the Foie Gras was mainly used to bring out the intense flavour but instead, the Foie Gras ended up tasting like a bitter moose that lacked it’s all so enjoyable fatty consistency. Yes, I don’t like it when Foie Gras goes to waste and so I rant…

“Skewer of Beef Tenderloin accompanied by Cabbage Salad served with Chili & Lime Dressing”, the Pinchitos Morunos($10++) was too my horror, served to us at room temperature though I’m not sure if that was intentional. The dressing was a nice fit for the Beef but I really wouldn’t order this again as pre-cooked beef left at room temperature is really just an unsavoury cesspool for bacterial growth.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, the Grilled Chicken Breast accompanied by Fricassee of Mushrooms gratinated with Cheese($25++) arrived. It sets the record for the most rubber-like chicken I have ever eaten although at least the cream sauce helped to lift this dish from downright disgusting to just plain distasteful, ok I exaggerate but seriously, the calories I lost chewing the rubbery meat > than the calories I gained digesting it. I’m going to call this yumyumformytumtum’s 1 step diet programme for healthy weight loss.

I probably shouldn’t have been that shocked at how the food turned out though since no one else there apart from S and I seemed to have ordered any food. However, I’m pleased to say that the cocktails are a different story altogether. Orgo prides itself on mixing cocktails made from fresh fuits(only sliced on ordering), which evidently results in cocktails with a much more refreshing fruity taste. This concept is not a new one, Klee @ Portsdown Road has been using it long before Orgo came into the picture and it works. Most people only perceive drinking as an avenue to get high and totally miss out on the fine art of liquor appreciation which I feel is a pity. For me at least, the friendly banter with the mixologists and other friendly patrons whilst soaking up the ambience with a freshly mixed martini in hand makes for the perfect symphony for cocktail appreciation and with respect to this, I’d still prefer Klee slightly over Orgo due to the former’s concept of a no-menu cocktail concoction bar with personalised service and friendly regulars.

Passionfruit with Coffee Salt Margarita($18++) came reminiscent of a towering ice kachang. It tasted best when it was melted halfway, when I felt that the alcohol(tequila right?) to mixer ratio was just right for my liking.

Mango & Marjoram Martini($18++) is for those who prefer something a little sweeter. Personally, I don’t really like mango but the subtle sweetness from both the mango and marjoram(a herb or undershrub with sweet pine & citrus flavour says wikipedia) definitely had some chemistry going on.

At the end of the day though, I have to admit I had a good time at Orgo and it will definitely be a spot for potential dates. It’s a nice place to chill and talk about life or our(Singaporeans) lack of it.

Bon Appetit!





TEL: +65 6336 9366



2 responses

2 06 2010

LOL your post so emo 😦

3 06 2010

u treat me lunch den i think i will feel a bit happier haha.

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