Langkawi – A Pictorial

23 05 2010

I love the chill, laid-back lifestyle of Langkawians. I love the way they just sit by the benches overlooking the beach, taking a drag and just feeling the wind in their hair and sand at their feet. I love that unlike Bali and Phuket, there is little touting here, money and business seem to take a backseat. I love it that the people are unpretentiously friendly and helpful.

I love Langkawi…

And now, a pictorial of the local chicken rice, sole Langkawi Bak Ku Teh store, incredible zi char and night market.



3 responses

29 03 2012

Can you tell me where to get some of this food? It looks great! Going in a few months.

30 03 2012

Hey I’m terribly sorry but I can’t remember the exact addresses of the places I visited already since it was quite long ago. Some of them are just roadside stalls while others were recommendations by locals. You can try for good food places?

29 03 2012


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