Spruce – Best Eggs Ben (on Crabcake)

24 05 2010

Many of my friends have been complaining I take more pictures of food than I do of them. So here goes, the first picture on the blog with actual people intentionally inside!

We should have listened to the rumours. Making reservations for Sunday brunch is a must unless you don’t mind the 30min(or more) wait. The wait didn’t bother us much though, the staff directed us to comfy sofas and give us ice water to quench our thirst without us asking. I was surprised by this gesture because customers on the waiting list are normally a forgotten bunch and usually left to atrophy somewhere.

Both indoor(air conditioned) and al fresco dining are available and we were lucky to get indoor seats.


Spinach and Bacon Salad($15++) arrived adorned with Roasted Chicken, Egg, Apples, Manchego Cheese & Walnuts. It was aesthetically pleasing and appetizing(for a salad) as well with the spectrum of colours, array of flavours and textures. EE and JH loved it.  

Spruce Signature Ahi Tuna Tartar with Toast Ciabatta and Avocado($21++) reminded me of a Negitoro, especially with the cubes of Tuna Sashimi. JH and EE thought it was nice. I would describe it as light, refreshing with a sour zest accenting from the tuna marinate. It’s more of a ladies dish I would say, the guys(or at least me) would prefer something…let’s say tastier and processed.

LL had the Signature Spruce Burger with Hand Cut Chips($17++). My high hopes were dampened when I tasted it. The patty was way too salty and lean but the Chips were crisply freshly fried with a peppery zing. For the same buck, I’d be better off ordering 3 meals from MOS Burger anyday so I’m officially crossing Spruce’s Burger off my list of potential Best Burger in Singapore.

Taste-wise, I had the best deal for today. The Crabcake Benny($25++) was delish! Actually I ordered it because I was hungry and thought the eggs ben would come in addition with hot crispy crabcakes so when it arrived with the crabcake replacing my english muffin instead, I was deeply disappointed and really doubtful on whether it would pass the taste test, come on eggs ben on crabcake? I was highly mistaken that the matrimony of these 2 individuals wouldn’t last, they went so well together precisely because their textures and tastes were so different individually, complementing each other’s flaws(if any) perfectly. Hands down best crabcake ever! The rockets were also essential in toning down the savoury Bacon and rich Hollandaise which threatened to get a little overpowering at times. I was ever so sad when I gobbled everything up in a flash, but the promise of a dessert treat at Marmalade Pantry by JH kept my spirits up.


Spruce is definitely a brunch spot worth visiting. It’s seclusion from the main Orchard area does little to hamper the bustling human traffic and despite the hype, service is still commendable and not snotty and even if it were, I would still return for my Eggs Ben on Crabcake. It’s indeed the best rendition of Eggs Ben I have had!

Bon Appetit!





TEL: +65 6836 5528

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