Marmalade Pantry – We love our dates hot and sticky

25 05 2010

I’m very Sua Gu ok? I’m ashamed to admit that despite being a self-proclaimed foodie, I have yet to visit PS Cafe nor Marmalade Pantry. Hence, I strongly requested that we have our desserts at Marmalade Pantry @ Ion after our brunch at Spruce. Anyways, Sticky Date Pudding is my favourite dessert and SW did mention that her favourite rendition was from Marmalade Pantry so I had to try it, especially since its a treat from JH.

After all, who among us doesn’t like our dates sticky?

As I mentioned, I didn’t visit the Marmalade Pantry @ Palais Renaissance before but I have heard that the ambience there was much less intrusive. The current one at Ion boasts a great view, you get to enjoy a visual feast of the well-heeled thronging the upper levels of ION but unfortunately they get to see you too and this definitely gets in the way of you enjoying your nosh without interuption.

Have I ever not enjoyed a Sticky Date and Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream($12++)? NO a thousand times NO! Marmalade’s Pantry’s version was warm and moist throughout with just a gentle hint of date. This was JH’s and EE’s virgin try and this made them really sticky, though I’m not sure if it’s because of the orgasm derived from eating the Pudding or simply the sticky Toffee residue on their lips. Either way, we all had soaring endorphin levels straight after. However if memory serves me well, I still think that Chalk Restaurant @ Mount Sophia Old School still serves the best Sticky Date Pudding I have had to date.

The Marmalade Carrot Cake($7.80++) didn’t fare as well, in fact it was so awfully disappointing that 3 of us couldn’t even stomach all of it. The waitress assured us it would be served warmed but it came chilled. The cloyingly thick cream cheese came as a thin layer(JH reckons it should be a very thick layer of thin cream cheese instead and I concur). The cake batter was heavy, bland and dry with a strong floury aftertaste. Heating it up would probably have added some moisture to the batter making it more palatable but that would have probably been a feeble and unsuccessful attempt to lift it out of mediocrity either way.

I feel so much less sua gu now after dining at Marmalade Pantry and having found an awesome Sticky Date Pudding in the process. My next stop for Sticky Date Pudding will probably be Boomerang Bistro & Bar @ Robertson Quay(after reading dotinabox’s recommendations on it)!

Bon Appetit!





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