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3 06 2010

After Sunday mass, I suggested that the family eat out at somewhere nice. After all, family bonding time is important and I just love dining out with my parents. They pay, I eat. They chauffuer, I eat. You get the drift? I really hate paying and driving haha…and since I am the youngest in the family, pampering moi is just part and parcel of societal norms. Hence, I suggested somewhere far far away from home which would have been a huge deterrence to drive there myself. So Min Jiang @ One-North it was!

Imo, the eateries at Rochester definitely pack more substance and style compared to Dempsey. Being remote(at least to me coz I stay in the east) is the new cool!

Among the restaurants found in Rochester, sadly Min Jiang is housed the furthest from the carpark and is the most hidden and dilapidated(at least from the front) of the Rochester bungalows now used as restaurant premises but as long as the food is good right? Having patronised Min Jiang @ Goodwood Park Hotel several times before, I had pretty high expectations for the Rochester branch. 

There are 2 levels for indoor air conditioned dining as well as a lovely veranda for al fresco dining.

The menu at the here is not quite as extensive as the one at Goodwood Park(since there isn’t any auntie with a pushcart of fried items) so I was slightly disappointed as some of my favourite items were missing. 

The Pan-fried Carrot Cake($3.80++) was well executed. The exterior was crispy but not overfried such that there was the bitter charred taste of burnt carbs. I would recommend this.


Deep Fried Prawn Dumplings($4.80++) were boringly nice. The prawns were fresh and what’s not to love about a mayo dip?

The Baked BBQ Pork Puff aka Char Siew Sou($5.50++) was sub-par. The pastry wasn’t buttery as it was flaky and the char siew fillings were pathetic in both portion and taste(or the lack of it). The addition of pork floss was a nice little touch but I’m still left swooning over Hua Ting’s CSS though, which is one of my favourite so far.

Ubiquitous in every dim sum meal; the Har Kow or Steam Prawn Dumplings($7.50++). The ones here are a little more special, the prawn filling supposedly comes with Lingzhi mushroon and Australian Asparagus, though I didn’t detect any as I gobbled it all down in one mouthful. I would have savoured it a little more had I known it was an atas Har Kow. Nevertheless, the translucent Har Kow skins means the thickness is just about right! If you can close one eye to the heftier pricetag, I think it’s definitely worth a try.

Another dim sum staple, the Steamed Rice Noodle with Char Siew aka Chee Cheong Fan($4.80++) had a smooth silky texture and slid down my throat effortlessly. It’s such a simple dish and yet so many places get it wrong but I’m pleased Min Jiang is not one of them.

Mum’s the expert when it comes to Chicken Feet($4.50++) and since she had no qualms with the ones here served in Sichuan Chili Black Bean Sauce, I assumed it must have been alright, at least to me it was good. I’d love to think of the springy glistening feet as being high in collagen or some other mineral good for complexion and such, but deep inside I know it’s just fats…still we can dream, can’t we?

Mention Xiao Long Bao and most people, myself included, will immediately think of Din Tai Fung but with falling standards, the Steamed XLBs($6++) at Min Jiang easily trumps the former. It’s not the best around and the skin is slightly on dry side, but the soup is flavourful and meat tender and savoury. Slurps…ahhhhh….

There was nothing particularly memorable about the Char Siew Baos($5.50++).

I love scallops! So I’m not being very objective when I say I love the Steamed Fresh Scallop Dumpling($4.80++). My only gripe is that the scallop and prawn fillings are too small!

Congee is such a modest and humble dish. We had Century Egg($6++) as well as a Fish Congee and it went down well with me. Something light to wash down any oil from the fried items.

Overall, I feel that Min Jiang serves above average dim sum that is pleasing to the palate. Although it’s still far from being the best and the types of dim sum served at the Rochester branch is somewhat limited, I do appreciate the serene feeling of dining among the luscious greenery.  

Bon Appetit! 





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