Shang Palace – Missing an Imperial Chef

19 06 2010

Following last year’s successful 38th anniversary promotion, Shangri La has decided to do a follow up promotion for their 39th anniversary this year! So all online bookings made for The Line(For Buffet), Nadaman(Japanese), The Rose Veranda(High Tea) and Shang Palace(Chinese) will be offered with a 39% discount off the total bill(for reservations made up to 39 days in advance for 39% of each restaurant’s seating capacity). Cool Beans!  


It’s a 5 star hotel with 5 star restaurants, or is that just too presumptious of me? I haven’t heard much of Shang Palace, unlike more reputable Chinese Restaurants such as Wah Lock, Hai Tian Lou, Royal China etc but I thought it should be fine, it’s Shangri La after all!    

The interior decor is pretty sheek, especially with the numerous private rooms that can sit up to 18 people for some…I counted.    


I shall categorize the dim sum accordingly, the “average” and the “bad”. I couldn’t find any dim sum that deserved to be grouped under “Good”.    

The Average    

 The Roast Pork was crispy indeed but with a strong gamey smell which irked me and it’s damnnnnnnn salty.     

Crispy Roast Pork($12++)


 It tastes and feels like a carrot cake from a neighbourhood hawker stall actually, lacking the contrast of crispy exterior from soft mushy interior.    

Pan-Fried Turnip Cake($4.50++)


 One of the better items today, I’m just such a fan of scallops… 

Steam Siew Mai with Conpoy($4.80++)


 More Scallops…mmmhhh…     

Steamed Seaweed Scallop Dumpling($6.80++)


Passable Har Kows.     

Steamed Har Kow($4.80++)


 There was less soup than I would like and it lacked the umami component that we all love so much in an awesome XLB. The meat fillings were also too starchy!   

Steamed Xiao Long Baos($4.80++)


It’s a more colourful looking and allegedly healthier Har Kow!   

Steamed Spinach Prawn Dumpling($4.80++)


Now for the BAD!    

 It’s not foul but just that I have eaten so many better ones around, this one comes across as below average as the prawns fillings aren’t very springy.     

Crisp-Fried Beancurd Skin Roll, Prawn($4.50++)


 You don’t even have to go there to try it. From the picture, you can probably already tell that the rice roll layers are too thick and chewy.     

Steamed Rice Rolls($4.80++)


We had the Century Egg as well as the Fish Congee and it wasn’t impressive. I gave up halfway and it was only a half-bowl since it was shared.     

Congee(Choice of Century Egg, Fish, Seafood, Pork or Chicken @ $10++)


 Didn’t like it. Too bland…    

Steamed Assorted Mushroom Crystal Dumpling($4.50++)

That is one badass thick opaque dumpling skin if I ever saw one. It reminds me more of a thick skinned hakka Soon Kueh lol.   

Steamed Teochew Dumplings($4.50++)


 I was really disappointed by the dry, almost tasteless Char Siew Paos. It’s worse than coffeeshop or even 7-11 ones.    

Steam Pork Paos($4.50++)


I’d prefer if they just stick to the normal Sze Chuan Sauce. 

Steamed Black Pepper Chicken Feet($4.50++)


The combination of Black Bean + Salt used was overkill. More tea PLZ!  

Steamed Pork Rib, Black Bean & Taro($4.50++)

Bah. For me this was a real bad dim sum session and I wouldn’t come back even with a discount. Service was fine but really…the food’s not worth the stomach room.  

Bon Appetit!





TEL: +65 6213 4473



3 responses

1 07 2010

Char Siew Paos worse than 7-11? Oh no. I will go to Wah Lock, Royal China or Yan Ting if I need my dim sum fix. 😀

6 07 2010

yes plz do! but i feel so mean being so harsh haha.

22 11 2010
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