Nu Thai – Best Green Curry Everrrrrrrr

7 07 2010

Spicy & Sour are not my thing, so Thai food and I have just been superficial acquiantances. To me, Singapore’s Thai Express and Lemon Grass more or less sums up Thai food, the use of big flavours found from not so extravagant ingredients that can be readily harvested in the equatorial regions of South-East Asia. You won’t ever get a Papaya Salad with Truffles or Sharks Fin Phad Thai, so Thai food has never intrigued me. It’s just Basil Chicken, Phad Thai, Curries, Salad and that’s it, or is it? 

It’s came as a surprise, never would I have imagined that my disdainful attitude towards Thai food would be altered in Adelaide.

Maybe it shouldn’t be all that surprising. After all, Nu Thai, which lies in the heart of Adelaide’s Chinatown, has won accolades in the South Australian Awards for Excellence, Best Thai Restaurant(winner for 4 years, finalist for the other 2) from 2004 to 2009 among many other awards.

The shopfront really doesn’t look like much and doesn’t strike me as an award-winning eatery but a step inside the restaurant immediately changed my view; it was packing full house that my party of 5 could only be accommodated al fresco admidst the blistering winter zephyr. Ok it wasn’t that bad, they provided heaters for us and I was 4 layers deep in clothes too!

I shall start off with the dish that made the night and changed my impression of Thai food totally. The Green Curry Chicken(AUD17.90+). Cooked with Eggplant and Basil, the curry was tantalizingly creamy with a light spice. No doubt best curry(including Chinese and Indian and other Thai ones) I have laid my tastebuds on. This wasn’t the time to be courteous, we all lapped up the curry zealously and shamelessly and all was gone in an instant.

Green Curry Chicken(AUD17.90+)

Grandma’s Crispy Pork with Spicy BBQ Sauce(AUD18.90+)  is something else you can consider ordering. The serving was generous and it was a great accompaniment to the Free-Flow Steamed Rice(AUD3.00+).

Grandma's Crispy Pork(AUD18.90+)

The Basil Chicken(AUD17.90+) is something one can easily replicate at home. Just a simple stir fry of Minced Chicken, Chili, Garlic, Thai Basil & Snake Bean.

Basil Chicken(AUD17.90+)

We though the Tofu would be the main component in the Stir-Fried Tofu with Beansprouts, Garlic, Chives and Chili(AUD11.90+) but apparently this wasn’t so. It’s more like Tao-gey fried with Tao-kwa with some Maggi Sauce.

Stir-Fried Tofu with Beansprouts, Garlic, Chives and Chili(AUD11.90+)

I didn’t like the Mixed Seasonal Vegetables(AUD11.00+) and wouldn’t have ordered this if I had known the tofu dish was actually mainly made up of vegetables already. There was a pungent putrid smell of bamboo shoots which I have yet to encounter anywhere else.

Mixed Seasonal Vegetables(AUD11.00+)

Now that I think back, clearly not every dish we had was awesome and deserving of being labelled as Best Thai food. But then again, my party was on a budget and refrained from ordering pricier dishes that I think would have provided a better representation of the food served here. Neither did we order the recommended accompanying wine for each of the dishes. Still, the green curry was really unbelievably delectable and anyone who plans to visit Adelaide must try it at least once. 

Bon Appetit!





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