Laurent’s Cafe & Chocolate Bar – An Endorphin Overdose

13 08 2010

Stopping at the threshold of Laurent’s, what first greeted us wasn’t the service staff nor the “Plz wait to be seated” sign, rather it was the wafting aroma of to die for dark chocolate and like sailors to a siren’s song, we were lured into the abyss, the dark abyss of sore throat inducing chocolate paradise. Al fresco is definitely condusive for people watching, especially at night in this part of town where the young at heart wonder about in their hip get-ups and sassy clubbing attires.

After an extremely heavy meal at Sun with Moon, I suggested that my ex-jc classmates try out Laurent’s since none of them had patronised said chocolate bar before and we needed somewhere to sit down and catch up anyways. Chef Laurent continually strives to improve and tweak each and every of his recipes or so they say, but here it is, concrete pictorial evidence! The evolution of the Crispy Chocolate Tart($6.80++) over the past year.

Crispy Chocolate Tart(Before)

I would have scored the “original” Chocolate Tart a 10/10 already so when I saw that there was a new version, I was a little apprehensive. Why would he want to compromise on something that was already perfect(in my eyes)? Fortunately, I felt that the latest version is just as good as it’s predecessor, just some minor modifications to the tart base and shape. The Dark Chocolate is still as heavenly as when I first laid my tastebuds on it.

Crispy Chocolate Tart(After)

I don’t really appreciate souffles. The overly eggy taste and airy and puffy texture of it just turns me off…with the exception of Laurent’s Guanaja Chocolate Souffle($16.50++). It reminds me much of a light chocolate moose, especially when taken with loads of Vanilla Sauce.

Chocolate Souffle

Chocolate Souffle

If I’m not mistaken, the Ice Cream($11/3 scoops) available at Laurent’s is home-made and has only recently(since last Oct) became available on the menu. Though it’s not Laurent’s main selling point, the ice cream here is one of my favourites in Singapore. Call me crazy but I will actually rate Laurent’s Ice Cream higher than that of Island Creamery, Tom’s Palette and Ice Cream Chefs, especially the Green Tea and Chocolate(duh!) which are totally awesome!

Ice Cream

Last but definitely not least, how can we forget about the Valrhona Warm Chocolate Cake($9.80++)? Strangely, I didn’t find it very amazing. Something was missing somewhere, apart from the lack of lava flow. (Random note to self: Pahoehoe means solidified lava. I learnt that from a Mind Cafe Game called Balderdash!)

Valrhona Warm Chocolate Cake

I’m not uploading the picture of the Ice Chocolate because it was quite badly taken and won’t do Laurent’s justice since it’s the best Iced Chocolate I have had!

Bon Appetit!





TEL: +65 6235 9007



4 responses

14 08 2010


I want some Laurent’s nowwww.

15 08 2010

nus quite near the portsdown outlet rite? go there get your chocolate fix!

21 09 2010

Oh my goodness, the pictures really give me an orgasmic high. Especially the Choc Crispy Tart(Before). Releasing my endorphins before actually eating it. LOL

21 09 2010

yea I share your sentiments! the older version choc tart looks so much prettier than the current one!

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