Ah Loy Thai – In the Running For Best Thai

6 09 2010

Last night’s dinner at Aroy Dee wasn’t able to quench MZ’s insatiable desire for good Thai food and thus begins the story of my 2nd Thai dinner in a span of 2 consecutive days. This time, it was on my recommendation to eat at Ah Loy Thai, a Thai eatery I have been dying to try after having read the countless reviews about it online.

Apparently, it has undergone some renovations recently which has resulted in a slight increment of the menu prices here but from the current prices listed on the menu, I wouldn’t have guessed that there was any increment, since everything was still incredibly cheap! As this was my first visit, I can’t really comment about the changes made during the renovations but the vibes I get from this place is that it’s a cafe with a high turnover, where the patrons are mostly employees from nearby offices who come for a quick, decent and affordable bite.

They don’t serve tap water, but it was fine with me since my default drink order when taking Thai food is the Thai Iced Tea($1.60) or calamansi juice anyway and there’s a rationale behind this and I have mentioned this before. The feeling of spiciness is caused by a chemical compound known as capsaisin. Casein, a compound found  in milk is able to bind to capsaisin on the tongue to reduce the burning irritation and the acidity from calamansi juice can also help in neutralizing capsaisin. Hope this info is helpful for people with a low threshold of spicy food!

I was impressed that when our request for ice water was denied, the manager of the establishment came over personally to apologize which I found really sincere and the gesture was much appreciated. It’s really very different from the snooty replies that I’m accustomed to get at places not serving tap water.

The Seafood Phad Thai($5.50) is what I would recommend from the Rice/Noodle category. The Phad Thai here is unique, with a taste that is a hybrid of a Fried Kuey Teow and Phad Thai which and it works marvelously! The Phad Thai was exceptionally fragrant because “hae bee” or dried shrimp is fried with the noodles. This is probably the one of the best, if not best Phad Thai I have eaten. Yum Yum!

While I did enjoy the Phad Thai the most, the Fried Glass Noodle($6) cannot be discredited either. Also fried with “hae bee”, it was equally fragrant with generous portions of seafood. Now that I think of it, maybe I preferred the Phad Thai because I started off with that first and I was super hungry.

The Pineapple Fried Rice($5.50) paled in comparison to the noodles dishes. It had chunks of chicken and seafood but the pineapple didn’t boast a distinct taste and it comes across as a bit too oily. One thing congruent about the rice and noodle dishes though is the really fresh seafood used! And I love the fresh creamy texture of just barely cooked squid. On a side note, I caught the musical Fried Rice Paradise @ the Esplanade yesterday. It’s pretty good!

The Fried Butter Calamari($6.50) here is super shioooook! The batter is light and remains crisp even till the end of the meal. The side of sliced mango is also great in toning down the rich butter sauce should it get a bit too “gelat”.

The Thai Mango Crispy Chicken($6.50) is more or less just fried chicken over some mango and maggi sauce. I probably wouldn’t order it again due to the other indulgences available on the menu.

Good food, excellent service attitudes and cheap prices, who could ask for more?

Bon Appetit!


100 BEACH ROAD, #01-39/40 SHAW TOWER

TEL: +65 9165 1543



8 responses

6 09 2010

I love Ah loy Thai! It’s so near SMU la jealous. The calamari is shiokkkkz.

6 09 2010

u tried the butter calamari alr? it’s a new item rite?

11 09 2010
chin nam

the phad thai here is the best one ive tried so far. its so awesome

12 09 2010

yea it’s my current fav thai place now! damn happy i found it haha.

21 11 2011
ivonny tan

the butter calamari were awesome!!! you should try their pandan chicken and their green curry fish! awesome food with affordable rice. though the service wasn’t good enough, I sometimes got pissed 😦

opposite Ah Loy thai, there’s this ice cream stall selling salted egg flavored ice cfream. worth to try, since it is pretty unique. well at least for me! bon appetit!

21 11 2011

thanks for the recommendation ivonny. the ice cream shop opposite is called tom’s palate. if you are a SMU student, you get 10% off! not sure bout other students tho.

2 11 2012
Shawn Holquin

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