Bedok North Blk 85 – My Hawker Haunt

30 09 2010

Hawker food in Singapore never fails to delight me. Prissy gourmets may scorn at the thought of dining at such “low class” and humble settings but I for one am truly appreciative of their existence. There are few countries apart from from Singapore that can boast about being able to offer so many different cuisines under one roof at such affordable prices.

One of Singapore’s famous supper places may be seen in Bedok North Block 85 which operates till 2am – 3am each day. Having ended my mid-terms today was akin lifting a heavy burden off my shoulders, now I could focus on things that truly mattered. So, I did a 10km run (super proud of myself!) which I had been procrastinating to do for so very long and organized supper between S, MZ and myself (where the running comes to nought).

No matter which Bak Chor Mee(BCM) stall you patronise within the premises of Blk 85, they share a similar style which is slightly different from the Singapore norm. Instead of fried Wantons, Liver and Slice Pork, Blk 85’s signature BCK is the soupy version with lots of meatballs and minced pork(with a high pork fat:pork meat ratio). Of course, the dry version is available but your order will definitely be sticking out like a sore thumb.

2nd item on the agenda was the BBQ Chicken Wings. I think there are 2 or 3 chicken wing stalls so I can’t remember the name of the one I usually order from (I only know they charge $1.10/wing) but it’s one of my favourite BBQ Chicken Wing Stalls in Singapore, trumping all the BBQ chicken wing stalls from East Coast Park’s food centre. The wings aren’t just crisp, there’s a light smokey flavour as well which I have taken a fancy to.

Another finalist in my self-promulgated list of top food pickings, this time in the congee category. I think the stall is named Chai Chee Congee (or Porridge). I did the usual order of Pork Congee (add Egg). I love the congee here because it’s really smooth and the pork (both the sliced pork and meatballs) is really tender. The egg is also necessary for that addition “oomph”.

Another of my favourite congee stalls (whose name I can’t recall) is also located around the vicinity at Bedok Central’s Food Centre (the hawker centre nearest to Bedok Interchange). They serve an excellent whole piece of piping hot You Tiao with their Congee.

There are quite a few stalls here selling Carrot Cake and Orh Lua (Oyster Omelette), all of which I don’t find that fantastic, merely passable in the annals of hawker rankings. My favourite Carrot Cake stall still has to be Golden City Carrot Cake in Kopitalk at the junction between Changi Road and Telok Kurau Road while my recommendations for Oyster Omelette (Hokkien Style) would be Beng Thin Hook Kee Restaurant on 65 Chulia Street, #05-02 OCBC Centre.

After spamming so much oleaginous health hazards, what better way than to wash it all down with a freshly squeezed cup of Sugarcane with Lemon Juice.

In face of work or study stress, a scrumptious supper that isn’t too harsh on the wallet simply does wonders!

Bon Appetit!



2 responses

1 10 2010

Dr piggy. you suck. stop posting pictures of awesome singaporean food when i can’t have any for myself. :((((

eh, shit i just thought of a great idea! you can organize a food trail kinda thing for me when i’m back next year!

3 10 2010

Y not u also take pictures of awesome US food and post on koksterclub!

and sure! food trail sounds fun!

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