Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant – Light-hearted Turkish Cuisine

5 01 2011

Having walked around City Hall possibly thousands of times, you’d think you know all the eating places there but today, I would like to introduce to you one that you would probably not have heard of before – Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant.

One reason why you would probably not have heard of it or seen it is because it is located in Shaw Towers, opposite Suntec City, with super low human traffic, apart from meal times of course where workers around the vicinity would throng down as there are really quite a few reasonably priced eateries here offering very decent food, one of which I would like to highlight would be Ah Loy Thai (my current favourite Thai eatery in Singapore) where u can pig out for much less than $15.

I’m no connoisseur of Turkish cuisine. I only recall having eaten at Sofra once previously and at some other Turkish restaurant in Haji Lane so to me, Turkish food is more or less just Hummus(Chickpea Puree) and Kebabs and that’s more or less what me and my friends ordered.

The Hummus($4.20) doesn’t come with bread so you have to purchase it separately. I would estimate that for every one serving of hummus, 1.5 to 2 servings of the Turkish Bread($2.70) would suffice. I like the Hummus here, it’s really pretty smooth and consistent, looking and even tasting somewhat like Tuna though somehow I prefer the former. The Turkish Bread is also freshly toasted upon ordering so you will never encounter it stale and rubbery.

I ordered the Sultan Kebap($12.50), which was “Mildly Spiced Lamb served with Baked Cheese & Mashed Potatoes”. I had this on my previous visit as well and I have grown quite fond of it. It’s reminiscent of a western lamb stew with very palatable soft and creamy mash.

Being spoilt for choice given the extensiveness of the Menu, KY and M each ordered the Sofra Kebap($15.50). After all, what could be better than ordering a dish with the Restaurant name on it right? I’m less of a bread person than a rice or mash person so I wouldn’t order this as it is actually “Freshly Baked Bread filled with Meat, Walnut, Eggplant, Tomato and Cheese” with a choice of either mixed Beef and Lamb or Chicken for the meat filling. On first bite, you might find this pretty awesome but given the serving size of this dish, it can get pretty dry and boring after a while so I would advise sharing this instead of fighting this battle alone.

T had the Adana Kebap($14.80), comprising of “Spiced Minced Meat over Fire”, with a choice of Mixed Beef & Lamb or Lamb or Chicken as the choice of Meat. Normally, you would find fire cooked meat dry but I felt quite differently about the Adana Kebap which was still pretty moist on cooking. Instead of using skewers, the meat is pierced using a dagger instead, adding dramatism to this dish.

Last but not least, I also had the humble pleasure of sampling the Iskender Kebap($12.80), consisting of “Fine Thin Slices of Doner Kebap with Homemade Crispy Bread in Sofra Special Sauce” with a choice of the Mixed Beef and Lamb or Chicken as the Kebap Meat. Also a decent dish, it’s what I would like to call the Turkish answer to the Chinese Sweet and Sour Meats.

Having a meal here is comparatively cheaper than dining over at most restaurants in Suntec, Marina Square etc, and having the privilege of living in a multicultural society, what’s the harm of stepping out of our comfort zones and trying something different once in a while?

Bon Appetit!



TEL: +65 6291 1433

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