Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge – Royal Feasting without the Princely Sum

9 01 2011

The life of a Tai Tai really rocks. I can just imagine myself waking up at 10am, with no work commitments apart from personal financial investments, having my nails and hair done after a yoga or gym session, then driving down to town for a facial and spa, followed by High Tea with my fellow Tai Tais at Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge, while waiting for Hubby to finish work and bring me out for an extravagant dinner. I just can’t think of any better way to spend the day…

Sadly I’m no tai tai, so I guess I will just have to make do with being that Hubby who slogs at work all day while my tai tai wife squanders away all my hard earned money…

At the risk of sounding gay, I have to confess that I did a basic manicure recently while waiting for some friends as they did theirs. Of course, I didn’t colour my nails, just the basic filing and varnishing and it felt oddly liberating! I totally couldn’t take my eyes off my shiny nails for the whole day (or was it weeks?)! If there are any guys reading this post, don’t be too quick to judge. Seriously, go for a manicure yourself and then come back and chastise me if you feel I’m talking nonsense. There are really some nail care activities that are difficult to accomplish at home such as trimming off the excess skin btw the nails and the flesh. Other than that, I think there’s also the allure of being pampered, even if it’s for the most trivial of activities…

My first encounter with Royal Copenhagen was in Sydney, a shop selling homemade ice cream but apparently there’s no affiliation with the one found here in Singapore. I was astounded to discover that the main branches in Denmark (where Royal Copenhagen originates) are actually porcelain shops integrated with a cafe. So, it’s no surprise that Taka’s Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge utilizes porcelain plates for their dishes and desserts, and customers can even buy these porcelain pieces home should they catch their fancy.

Most of the awards won by Royal Copenhagen comes from Women’s Weekly which isn’t much of a surprise, considering such Tea Lounges are primarily meant for tai tais.

Even on a weekday afternoon, friends K, CJ and myself were almost denied of a seat, though the crowd thinned as it approached evening. Having come from a heavy brunch, we decided to share Her Majesty Tea Set  ($29.90), comprising of 2 Mini-open Face House Sandwich, 2 Pieces of Homemade Scones, 1 Slice of Cake, 1 Slice of Homemade Baked Quiche, and 2 Cups of Tea.

For the Open Face Sandwiches, we got the Prawns topped with Tobiko and Tuna topped with Caviar. Nothing special, it actually kind of reminds me of what you would get in the appetizer dish in an airplane meal.

Although I’m not a Green Tea fan, I hid any misgivings I had and ordered the Green Tea Tiramisu, which K had his eye on since stepping into the shop. It turned out surprisingly better than expected though it still has lots of room for improvement. The Mascarpone was thick and creamy, but the moistness of the cake layers was inconsistent.

If you like pies, you would definitely like the concept of a Quiche. Basically an open face pie, meaning there’s no pastry shell covering the fillings, it’s somewhat like a hybrid pizza pie and it’s French so I guess its kind of sexy.

The Homemade Scones was definitely our favourite dish for the day. Leonardo da Vinci once said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Eaten together with Strawberry Jam which I suspect to be homemade as well, whipped cream and butter, the sophistication lies in Royal Copenhagen’s ability to transform a commonly eaten simple Scone to a remarkable tea time snack. In addition, the jam was so good we asked for seconds at no extra charge!

Instead of having the plain old tea, we requested to change our 2 cups of tea to the Fruit Tea of the Month which was mildly fragrant.

We also order a pot of Flora Tea($8.90). I preferred this to the Fruit Tea because it had a more distinct scent. I would definitely recommend this.

With a strong signal of wireleess@sg being detected by my laptop, I really wouldn’t mind just dropping by after school for some light reading and tea.

Bon Appetit!



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