The Dining Room @ Sheraton Hotel – Good Dessert Section

23 01 2011

Ever since joining SMU Gourmet Club, I have always desired to attend their heavily subsidized makan sessions to restaurants such as Shin Yuu, Gattopardo, Paulaner Brauhaus and Royal China etc and mingle with fellow like-minded foodies, but somehow my schedule clashed every time single time for the past 6 months, till now…

Today’s dinner at The Dining Room at Sheraton Hotel marks my first actual involvement in the SMU Gourmet Club. Coincidentally, I also had the honour of meeting a fellow ex-food blogger, Zaylene of This Is Yummy, who has been on my blogroll all this while! Interestingly, she came across my blog before too and thought it belonged to some old guy because Peter is such an old-school classic name…

The Dining Room does away with appetizers that simply clutter up the buffet line and focuses mainly on the Raw and chilled Seafood. Can’t say that most Singaporeans would be happy with this allocation of resources. My first plate of sashimi was a little fishy but on seeing the old tray being replaced, I scrambled to the buffet line once more and found the sashimi much better this time. My first time having seen shrimp sashimi at a local buffet and I thought it was pretty decent, relatively better than Sushi Tei’s.

Wasn’t terribly impressed by the variety of the heated food section, thought I thought the Roast Duck was not bad as the skin was still slightly crispy.

There’s live cooking stations for pasta, and a carving station as well.

My favourite part of this buffet was the Desserts! Awesome Chocolate Praline with Crunchy Layer and other assorted cakes, not so commonly seen tray of Chocolate Praline (white, dark and orange chocs), Durian Pengat (raved by my friends though I didn’t try), Ice Cream Station and a live Waffle Station with over 10 types of toppings ranging from the usual Chocolate Sauce, Vanilla Sauce, Maple Syrup to the unusual Aloe Vera and Sea Coconut.

Overall, service was very attentive and my plates were swiftly cleared as soon as I put down my cutlery. Buffet items were refilled frequently as well for which I’m very grateful, especially since sashimi turns stale rather quickly. While the range of the buffet items was not as extensive as The Line or Triple Three, I felt that the dishes were above average for a buffet, especially the Shrimp Sashimi which is rarely seen in buffets, the Chocolate Praline with Crunchy Layer, Walnut Cheesecake and the Waffles which were prepared ala minute.

Towards the end of the meal, we also participated in some games organised by the SMU Gourmet Club which added spice to an already fun-filled night.

It’s a pity that we weren’t able to have a glimpse of the lush outdoor greenery and waterfall, which is a salient feature of The Dining Room in the day but I guess I’m more than content with the good food and company.

Bon Appetit!



TEL: +65 6839 5621



11 responses

23 01 2011

the mains were terrible during my visit to the dining room in november ’09. i loved the crunchy chocolate praline tart though, as well as the vanilla ice cream!

24 01 2011

wow, u can still rmb what u ate more than a year ago?! I’m impressed.

30 01 2011

haha (: happy CNY in advance!

30 01 2011

happy cny to you too! may you get many many ang paos!

25 01 2011

helloo! hahah sad to say i think u attended one of not that fantastic event. shin yuu is awesome btw and it’s gonna be my second time there this thurs!!! =D

26 01 2011

how can it not be awesome with u sitting opposite me? aiyo this thur’s shin yuu fully booked alr!

28 01 2011
momogi have a very great tasting experience..
here’s another great tasting

1 02 2011
Christine Leow

Hey! Wow small world! Didn’t know you were present for the buffet because I was there too! 😉 Zay didn’t tell me we had another food blogger in our midst. Haha. I was the annoying photographer snapping away at everything.

I loved the desserts, and thought that the seafood spread was fantastic. The lamb and beef were awesome too.

1 02 2011
Christine Leow

This is Christine from Crunchy Bottoms by the way. =)

1 02 2011

looking forward to our next gourmet club event! see u in class!

1 01 2014

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