Foo House Cafe & Bar – The Foo Works

15 03 2011

Simpang Bedok is more or less synonymous with pratas, teh tariks and nasi gorengs. It’s a place where soccer fanatics gather over the weekends to supper while catching a live EPL game; possibly the 2 most favourite of Singaporean pastimes.

However, today was no weekend. I was on the search for a relative unknown in the Singapore food scene, the dark horse better known as Foo House Cafe & Bar and while it’s not the most renowned eatery around the area, I was indeed deeply enamoured by the quality of food served here.

Operated by Grand Hyatt’s former executive Sous Chef (2nd in command after the Chef de Cuisine), Chef Foo has over 40 years of culinary experience. Hence, it’s no wonder why the cuisine offered here possesses a subtle sophistication despite the eatery’s casual and slightly run down nature.

Having worked at western joints such as Pete’s Place, Chef Foo is no stranger to western cuisine but it’s not difficult to spot some tweaks within the food that suggests a slight gearing towards fusion (especially the Roast Duck I had).

Initially, Eunice and I had intended to share some appetizers but was discouraged by the staff taking our orders. Apparently, portions here are big, especially since we had ordered The Foo Works ($20.90++), which is essentially their Picardy Monster Beef Burger ($16.90++) with additional toppings of Bacon, Egg, Caramelized & Onion (additional $1 per topping). Guess we were slightly overzealous in wanting to order appetizers; this was an upgraded version of their Monster Beef Burger after all. Eunice told me that the beef patty here isn’t minced but is in fact manually chopped and so tastes more genuine and also manages to hold together much better. I do recommend adding all the toppings; each one playing a vital role for a wholesome experience. I couldn’t even find fault with the mash which was buttery and smooth. Without doubt, definitely top 3 within my burger rankings.

Curiosity got the better of me in making the decision to order the Foo House Roast Duck ($17.90++). Isn’t Roast Duck supposed to be Chinese? What’s it doing on a bar menu? Is it just a Duck Confit? Too many questions left me begging for an answer. It’s quite interesting really, I couldn’t really decide if the Roast Duck was more east or west. It tasted somewhat like a braised herbal duck expect that it had been lightly roasted. Too bad a mix of 2 cultures just wasn’t for me. I’d prefer either a soft fall-off-the-bone-tender braised duck or a sinfully crisp duck confit anytime.

I was really quite full by then but managed to pull off another Apple Crumble for sharing. I found it pretty decent for a dessert  costing $6 or $7, just don’t nit pick if you don’t spot the black specks of vanilla beans.

The menu here is astoundingly extensive and unless you dined here everyday for a month, you’d probably not be able to try everything. While I tend to avoid eateries that have overly extensive menus (which I regard as lacking focus and having no real speciality), I think this would be an exception and I’m really excited to return to try out whatever else Foo House, Cafe & Bar has to offer.

Bon Appetit!



TEL: +65 6445 3110



5 responses

15 03 2011

Thanks for the tip. Looks interesting! Will check this place out, since it’s so near where I stay.

16 03 2011

hey you’re welcome! don’t be too quick to prejudge the place tho coz it really looks much like a sports bar

22 03 2011

“.quite famished by then but managed to pull off another Apple Crumble for sharing.” Famished?? You mean full don’t you? Famished= hungry!

23 03 2011

oops yeah! thx for pointing that out!

12 08 2012
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