The Moomba – The Start of Summer Hols!

17 04 2011

Finals are finally over! It’s been so long since I last had time for a nice slow-paced 2 hour lunch so I was really looking forward to this, especially since The Moomba has been a consistent recipient of multiple dining awards. Located at boat quay, The Moomba is a popular lunch spot for the executives working around Raffles Place.

Despite our supposed cultural diversity, Australian restaurants seems to be much lacking in Singapore, with the few well-known ones being Osia, Uluru Aussie Bar & Steakhouse, Salt Grill & Sky Bar and The Moomba, of which I have yet to try any as of yet before this visit to The Moomba, so this was going to be a real educational experience for me. The severe lack in Aussie eateries locally is probably why I know nuts about Australian cuisine. To me it’s no different from American, with meals consist mainly of just steaks and mash right? Well of course not, there is much diversity in Aussie Cuisine which I was about to find out.

The Moomba offers a 2-Course Set Lunch @ $38++ and 3-Course Set Lunch @ $42++, where you choose 1 appetizer, 1 main and 1 dessert off the ala carte menu (sans either the appetizer or dessert for the 2-Course). Of course, everyone opted for the 3-course. Given that mains cost around $30 plus and appetizers and desserts costs around $20 each, I would be rather reluctant coming here for an ala-carte dinner given the premium I’d be paying.

For appetizers, I had the Bacon Wrapped Crayfish on Wilted Spinach and Poached Egg.  Despite being a signature dish,  I found it rather dry and unremarkable. The egg was overpoached too.

Didn’t get the chance to sample the Iberico Ham with Brie but the piece of Deep Fried Brie looks tempting.

J had a generous portion of 6 Freshly Shucked Oysters.

My favourite appetizer was the Squid Cakes served with Thai Styled Mango Salad. Similar to crab cakes, it had a tantalizing and robust flavour that makes you want to keep going on and on.

For mains, the Confit of Duck on Garlic Mash Potato, Savoy Cabbage, Corn Kernal, Caramelized Fig and Smoked Duck Breast was slightly underwhelming. Perhaps the Australian-styled Duck Confit differs from the usual French, but I found this one disappointing because the skin just wasn’t crisp.

On the other hand, I thought the Grilled Grass -fed Beef Steak wth Roasted Potatoes, Sauteed Sugar Peas, Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Caramelized Onions, Roasted Garlic Oil and Red Wine Jus was well executed, though it still falls short of specialized steakhouses like Bedrock Grill & Bar.

Char Grilled Kangaroo Loin with Apple Soya Glaze on Roasted Pumpkin, Portobello and Sauteed Sugar Peas. My first time having kangaroo and it’s quite similar to beef in texture, though the meat has less fat and hence chewier. It’s not bad and J enjoyed it much.

I was quite fond of the Braised Lamb Shoulder with Tomatoes, Olives, Capsicum on Grilled Marquez Sausage, Lyonnaise Potato. The pungent smell of lamb was clearly absent which was much appreciated.

For my own main, I enjoyed the Grilled New Zealand King Salmon Fillet on Japanese Pumpkin Mash with a warm Aubergine and Tomato Relish, which presented itself as fatty but not cloying.

Warm Chocolate Puddig with Black Doris Plum and Creme Fraiche Ice Cream

Pavlova with Raspberry Sorbet. The picture doesn’t do justice to the actual size of the dessert. It’s really too huge for one person to stomach alone. With raspberry sorbet atop a meringue base, it’s a nice pairing of sweet and sour.

Lemon Tart served with Feijoa Ice Cream and creme anglaise. I didn’t really fancy it but M thought it was awesome. Feijoa is a fruit from the myrtle family, and alternative names for it include pineapple guava and guavasteen, so let’s just think of it as Guava ice cream and leave it as that for simplicity’s sake.

I had the Pecan Pie with Butterscotch and Vanilla Ice Cream. The Vanilla Ice Cream was really good, rich and flavourful, going well with the nutty pie. Would have enjoyed it more if it was a chocolate pecan pie though.

While the dishes here weren’t bad, I felt that none were mind-blowing enough to warrant a special visit, and given that it doesn’t have the ambience of a fine dining restaurant, I find their set lunch prices a little on the steep side.

Bon Appetit!



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