Fukuichi Japanese Dining – Away from the Orchard crowd

18 04 2011

Fans of Chef John Phua from the now-defunct Shinobu Dining Japanese Restaurant @ PSA Building will be pleased to know that he hasn’t disappeared from the Singapore food scene, and has returned to titillate our tastebuds once more, this time with his relatively new opening, Fukuichi Japanese Dining. The restaurant arm of a partnership formed between a Japanese and Singapore fishery, Fukuichi effectively cuts out the middle man within their operating stream, ensuring a reliable and fresh supply of restaurant produce is always readily available.

We were here to to celebrate C’s birthday. Back in secondary 1, I vividly recall the first time my dad picked him up to go school together with me. His maid carried out his bag for him, much like the recent debacle regarding the NSF and his maid…should have taken a picture and posted it on Stomp but after all, we are just Singaporeans with our pampered ways. It’s been so long since then and C is now a medical student. It’s really astonishing how many friends I know decided to take on the hippocratic oath, but sewing people up and performing rectal examinations isn’t my definition of having a good time. My only comfort is that at least I know or  just hope that good medical advice, potential queue cutting and perhaps even free consultations will be a given in future.

For our dinner, most of us had the Sushi/Sashimi Kami Nabe Course ($60/$68++ for 2 pax).

The first course of the Kani Tofu (Crab Meat Tofu) was excellent! Chilled silky tofu doused with a creamy century egg sauce. I’d recommend ordering this as a side if you decide to go ala carte instead.

Sashimi Moriawase / Sushi Moriawase

Kami Nabe (Choice of Seafood, Beef or Cod). The cod paper pot was quite good though I still think the one at Chikuwa Tei is better because the one over there is boneless and I’m a lazy prick. I didn’t try the beef but it looks appropriately marbled given the price range.

Sanuki Udon which must be simmered in the paper pot before eating.

Dessert of the Day was a Strawberry Mochi.

Some of my friends decided to go ala carte instead. The Hotate Yaki ($15++) or Scallops in Garlic Sauce garnered positive feedback.

Chawanmushi ($6++), one of the prettiest I have seen.

Inari Sushi ($4++) or sweet beancurd skin sushi had positive reviews too.

Tempura Udon ($15++) was so-so.

Fukuichi is a pretty nice place to grab a meal away from the bustling Orchard crowd. My only grouse is that unlike most casual Japanese restaurants, the variety of set meals on offer is rather limited.

Bon Appetit!



TEL: +65 6271 5586



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18 04 2011

wow nice. i’ve been wanting to try that place out as well=)

26 09 2012
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