Cafe Fables and Bar Stories – A Cocktail Adventure

22 04 2011

On occasion I get the question of why I’m such a foodie and the impetus in setting up a food blog. Normally I’d brush it off with a truncated answer for simplicity’s sake, of how I gained an epiphany; that despite living in a multicultural society, my food knowledge was severely lacking and like many other Singaporeans, I found difficulty in throwing out names of 3 authentic French restaurants in Singapore. 2 years down, French is now my cuisine of choice.

However, the unabridged version of my story starts off slightly different, beginning more than 2 years ago at a bar called Klee (which sadly closed sometime ago) with ex-JC classmate CW. CW had suggested visiting Klee for drinks and it was there that we coincidentally met one of the co-founders of Hungrygowhere and his fiancee. I never learnt of the reason why they sent over a couple of drinks on his tab, and I was really quite perplexed because this almost never happens in Singapore. Of course, we returned their hospitality with our company and chatted with them for a couple of hours till closing time, never seeing them ever again. Hungrygowhere was still rather new at that time and a week later, I opened an account and used it as my primary food hunting resource, occasionally contributing some reviews to this food community myself. And this was how I got started in food writing.

So while some travel to Mecca, and others do community service in 3rd-world poverty stricken areas, there’s this small group of us who indulge in a life-long food trail. The similarity between the 3 are almost indistinguishable, but the fact is that everybody’s actually embarking on the same journey…paths of self-discovery. 

Cafe Fables by day, Bar Stories by night. Housed on the 2nd level of furniture shop “A Thousand Tales”, what I found here was a sense of homeliness, somewhere to go to after work to unwind, somewhere to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A venture pursued by one of the partners of the now defunct Klee, Bar Stories too, functions without a drinks menu with fresh cocktails specially mixed to individual tastes. How apt it is for CW to be the one bringing me here, after introducing Klee to me as well. The cocktail culture here allows me to reminisce the good old times at Klee, the concept of having friendly mixologists interacting with guests, the concept of being able to chat with random friendly strangers across the bar, the concept of being just so un-Singaporean. Say goodbye to the dark dodgy pubs that we are so used to, Bar Stories has an open concept with a soft tune playing in the backdrop, making it easy for catching up with old friends whilst sipping the night away.

Jeff, one of the two mixologists for the night, whipped up a sweet Honeydew Mango Sake ($22++) for CW. Really awesome stuff, and it reminds me of a drink called “Nothing” which is available in Zouk and made with Melon Liquor. But then again, comparing cocktails from Bar Stories with Zouk’s is like comparing steak from Morton’s with Jack’s Place. The difference is simple yet evident. Bar Stories makes its cocktails fresh from scratch, meaning no fruit syrups or concentrates are used. This gives a fresher feel to the cocktails and lends a taste that isn’t too sharp and artificial.

For myself, I was presented with a Pomegranate Passionfruit Martini ($22++) which appeals more to those who prefer their drinks sour rather than sweet. I’m more of a sweet cocktail person but it’d still be my pleasure getting high on this.

Bar Stories, a cocktail adventure? Definitely.

Bon Appetit!



TEL: +65 6298 0838



8 responses

29 04 2011

I’ve always wanted to give this place a try, I never knew they’re related to Klee! I loved Klee so I think I’d pop by the next time I’m at Haji. And love the Zouk reference hahaha.

30 04 2011

thx! yeah quite sad that klee had to close. still preferred klee to this tho. good luck for exams, and possibly see u next wed!

27 05 2011

Hi, I’m organising a get together (leisure not corporate purposes) for a group of 40-50 pax and wish to explore your premises at Bar Stories.
A few questions in mind :
1) do you provide finger foods ?
2) i understand you charge by the glass but in a group function (gathering of old school friends) like this, how do we manage it ? i was thinking of per pax charge which makes it easier for the organiser (myself) – will it work ?
3) i reckon you have perhaps a big white wall or board – for projection purposes
4) what about music ?
Could you call me back at 9816 2198 to discuss further.

28 05 2011

Hello, I’m not the owner or management of Bar Stories, just a simple customer like yourself. So could you phone or email them directly with your queries thanks.

28 06 2011

Hi, would like to correct you on something – Bar Stories had and still is run by the same management from day 1. One of the shareholders was a partner in Klee and he still is part of our group. Would appreciate your assistance in making the necessary changes in your blog.

Thanks. I will be happy to advise you should you have further enquiries.

Sandra Chu
A Thousand Tales Pte Ltd, Director.

29 06 2011

sure thanks for clarifying my mistake.

30 06 2011

Thanks for your kind understanding and assistance. =)

27 03 2020

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