Bumbu Restaurant – Indothai that does not suck

29 04 2011

In Chinese cuisine, you have Peking Duck, Buddha Jump Over the Wall and Oyster Omelette. In Japanese, you have Sashimi, Tempura and Kobe. In French, you have Foie Gras, Duck Confit and Coq Au Vin. In German, you have Pork Knuckles, Gourmet Sausages and Beer. In Indothai, you get Mango Salad and Ngoh Hiang and a Milk Tea? It’s pathetically anti-climatic don’t you think? Hence, I used to think that Indothai food sucked. I used to think that Thai Express was probably the extent of what Indothai food could offer. Heck, I used to be so ignorant.

So for all those out there who thinks the same way as how I did in the past, I urge you to give Indothai cuisine a chance, at least till you have tried Bumbu Restaurant. It has garnered several dining awards in the past but recently, it has gone off the radar quite a bit. Perhaps it’s time that I gave everyone a gentle reminder of this little gem near Arab Street.

I simply love the Tahu Telor ($7.80++) here. The smooth beancurd is encrusted by an eggy batter which is glazed with a mellow sweet sauce. Whether eaten alone or paired with rice, it’s still freaking awesome.

Another dish worth ordering is the Beef Rendang ($10.80++). It’s only mildly spicy and if I can take it without breaking a sweat, then pretty much anyone can take it.

Impressed as I was by the first 2 dishes, I was still blown away by Pandan Chicken ($3.20/piece), which I felt was the best I have had in the short span of my life. There’s quite a bit of fat, which explains why it’s so tender but it’s worth every calorie. The pandan chicken’s surface is crisp from the frying and the chicken is marinated well. Personally, I think this is a must-order dish for every visitor.

As for their Green Curry Chicken ($8.80++), I find their curry too watered down to pack a punch.

I had high expectations of the Butter Oat Soft Shell Crab ($17.80++) but sadly, it failed to deliver. Unlike the flavourful oat prawns from good zi char places, the soft shell crab and the oats here came across as uncharacteristically bland.

Some seasonal Stir Fried Vegetables ($7.80++) for a balanced diet 🙂

You will definitely get a bang for your buck here. I paid $15, inclusive of a drink, for an awesome Indo-thai meal that few places can rival.

Bon Appetit!



TEL: +65 6392 8628

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