Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar – Very Meh

14 12 2011

Now that holidays are here, I have been trying my best to spend more time with my non-SMU friends whom I might have neglected through the school term. This term has been a trying one for me, but which term hasn’t? One thing’s for sure though, I had definitely spent more time in the library and less time with the nom noms this time around. So now, it was time to go on an eating spree to make up for lost time… 

I arrived ahead of C, excited to be dining at what was considered to be one of Singapore’s leading Italian fine dining restaurants. The service was impeccable, and the maitre’d saw to it that I wasn’t too bored, coming over to chat a while I waited for C.

When C arrived, we were served with complimentary freshly toasted Dried Tomato Focaccia Bread. First impressions count and Garibaldi nailed it as this was the 2nd best complimentary bread I have had so far (the best being from Private Affairs which has recently shifted out of its Joo Chiat premises). C even got himself a third slice!

Their 3-Course Set Lunch is priced at $38++, a huge discount from the ala carte prices which would probably set you back by about $100ish.

For appetizer, C chose the Cocktail Di Gamberetti or Poached Shrimps with Romaine Lettuce in Cocktail Sauce. They are quite generous with the shrimps, and the shrimps were fresh and springy so no complaints here. It does remind me of the cold dish prawns you get at wedding dinners.

For myself, I opted for the Soup of the Day which happened to be Asparagus & Crab Soup. It’s quite starchy, so I think they might have blended in some potatoes to thicken the soup a bit. Overall, it was meh.

For Main, I had the Spaghettini with Calamari, Black Olives and Fresh Tomatoes, thinking that a fancy Italian restaurant would definitely get their pastas right. Yet again, I was left disappointed as this was forgettable.

C’s Stewed Red Snapper served with Grilled Polenta and Green Peas fared slightly better, though severely lacking a wow factor. Polenta is made from cornmeal and supposedly looks a bit like mash potatoes which I don’t see any of. Perhaps it is the toast lookalike behind the fish.

For desserts, diners get a choice of what they want from a cart of homemade cakes by Sweets Garibaldi.

Diners can also choose if they would like a sauce (Chocolate, Vanilla and one more I can’t recall) to accompany the cake.

C got a Chocolate one which I didn’t try.

For myself, I had a Hazelnut Flavoured one which on first bite tasted like Kinder Bueno with the soft hazelnut cream and crisp praline base. I thought it could have been better if the sponge was lighter and more airy.

The set lunch comes with a choice of coffee or tea. The coffee was fragrant and robust despite being quite bitter (typical of french and italian coffees perhaps?)

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with the food but felt the service made up for it.

Bon Appetit!

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar

36 Purvis Street

Tel: +65 6837 1468



11 responses

14 12 2011

dont judge a restaurant merely by their set lunch. im a regular at garibaldi and their pastas and mains are excellent!

16 12 2011

any ones in particular? would love to see them at their best

16 12 2011
Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow

Garibaldi just got an International award, the first restaurant in Singapore to receive it. But like you, I wasn’t impressed by the food too. The sister company, Gunther’s, is much much better. It’s #14 on the Miele Guide but it’s definitely the best among the 5 Singapore restaurants on the guide. (Ok, I haven’t tried Tippling Club which is on the list yet, have you? Wanna try soon?)

16 12 2011

yea my friend has been telling me Gunther’s almond crusted foie gras was the best she has had. i haven’t tried Tippling Club yet either. Don’t mind gg together before sch term starts again. I’m at Phuket now tho, returning on Tuesday.

16 12 2011
Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow

When you return from Phuket, I am off to Shanghai. Shall we set it for 7 Jan Sat lunch? They are only open for lunch on Sat. And I cannot afford their dinner. How about you ask a foodie and I ask another? I’m thinking of asking Maureen, Ms Tam Chiak.

16 12 2011

Have to agree that gunthers is definitely much better, having dined there for dinner, their lunch was equally as impressive! Tried the lunch @ Garibaldi, they actually served dory milanese for apps, which is quite appalling yeah? their pastas for mains were not bad, then again i felt that their signature homemade cakes are kinda average dont you agree, and at $15 a cake for an ala carte order is certainly exorbitant.

17 12 2011

yea the cake quality is around international buffet standards. quite disappointing.

17 12 2011

sure! 7th jan should be fine for me. but can i reconfirm with you in early jan in case something unexpected crops up?

17 12 2011
Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow

sure. I’ll be back on 4th. I’ll text you then. In the meanwhile, do you have any good Chinese restaurants to recommend for CNY reunion dinner?

19 12 2011

not sure what your budget is but if its for less elaborate reunion dinners, there are 2 restaurants in the bedok area which are good and cheap called chin lee restaurant and jin long restaurant. if budget isn’t a problem, i quite like grand shanghai at grand copthorne waterfront hotel, and i have been hearing some good things about jiang nan chun at 4 seasons.

have any recommendations of your own?

21 12 2011
Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow

Pu Tien, the flagship restaurant (not the branches), was very very good, so good we couldn’t stop ordering. people spend $20 there, we spent $70 per person.

Summer Palace is also excellent.

A sous chef at Chalk recommended Sin Lee Chinese Cusine along Neil Rd. Every dish was astounding, mind-blowing. Too bad it has closed down. No advertising lah.

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