Gloria Jean’s New Offerings + My Restaurant Week Schedule

20 03 2012

I’m not really a coffee person myself but Gloria Jean’s dropped me an email today about 3 new item offerings which some people might want to know about. These new items will be available at all Gloria Jean’s outlets till 30 April 2012. The press release is as follows:

Fans of Green Tea will enjoy the return of Gloria Jean’s Matcha Latte and Chiller but this time, with a touch of Caramel and Vanilla. In the deep satisfying Creme Brulee Matcha Chiller ($6.90-Regular, $7.50-Large), fragrant green tea is combined with Creme Vanilla and Milk, and then drizzled with Caramel Sauce on top. The rich creamy ice blend glides across the palate and delicately sweetens your day with every sip.

To warm the senses, go for the hot Creme Brulee Matcha Latte ($6.60-Regular, $7.20-Large), a silky smooth beverage that calms the mind and provides comfort on cool days.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees gives new meaning to toast with this winning dessert. The Strawberry Caramel Honey Toast ($5.90) features a warm ultra thick raisin toast generously topped with Whipped Cream, Cinnamon Powder and swirls of Strawberry Sauce, Honey and Caramel Sauce. The soft and fluffy bread interplays with the sweet and warm notes of the toppings, resulting in utter gastronomic bliss with every mouthful.

On another note, yesterday marked the start of Restaurant Week (19th – 26th March 2012), where set lunch and set dinners are being offered by a number of reputable restaurants at fixed prices, typically $25++ or $40++ for lunch and $35++ or $55++ for dinner. You can make your bookings here:

I have already made mine well in advance so this is where I will be over the next few lunches:

Monday – Salt Grill & Sky Bar

Tuesday – Private Affairs

Wednesday – Le Saint Julien

Thursday – Forlino

Friday – Ku De Ta

Do drop by and say hi if you happen to have booked a similar timeslot! With so many potentially awesome meals lined up, stay tuned for more good eats!

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