Savour 2012 Ticket Giveaway worth $44

26 03 2012

The SAVOUR concept is a first of its kind in Singapore, with a philosophy to unite the finest food and drink with a plethora of expert master classes, live demonstrations, fun workshops and culinary shopping, in an event that is accessible to all. Within one purpose-built venue, one can find an alfresco Gourmet Village teeming with award-winning restaurants helmed by celebrity chefs, a bespoke indoor Gourmet Auditorium complete with a state-of-the-art kitchen where culinary master classes are held, and a Gourmet Market that boasts an international showcase of artisan food and drink exhibitors.

At the alfresco Gourmet Village, 15 leading chefs and restaurants from across the globe will each present their signature creations with a showcase of over 50 tantalising dishes to tempt your taste buds. With your Savour dollars, choose your dish, indulge and then move on to your next culinary adventure. Click here to see participating chefs.

Indulge in retail therapy at a 5,000sqm air-conditioned Gourmet Market where you can sample hundreds of quality products from an array of international artisan and specialty exhibitors. Try your hand at the complimentary cocktail-making workshops, coffee appreciation classes, wine-tasting workshops, and the numerous cooking demonstrations. Click here for the full list of market activities.

Attend cooking master classes by our Celebrity Chefs at the Gourmet Auditorium. Learn tricks of the trade in a bespoke air-conditioned arena complete with a state-of-the-art Bosch kitchen. Click here for the full list of classes and activities.

There’s something for everyone at Savour so make it a great day out with friends and family!

Savour 2012 will be happening later on this week from 30 March 2012 (Fri) to 1 April 2012 (Sunday). As an official sponsor of this event, Nespresso has kindly sponsored 1 Savour 2012 Ticket worth $44 through a simple click through competition. The ticket is for admission to the event on 1st April 2012 (Sunday) and comes with $21 of Savour Dollars which can be spent during the event.

To participate in this giveaway, just click on the link below, fill it up with your name, contact number, email and answer 1 simple question correctly:

I will be accepting entries till 11.59pm 29th March (Thursday) and will be notifying the winner of the giveaway by 30th March (Friday).

For more details about what Savour 2012 is about and what activities they have lined up, do visit their website at



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