New Food App on the Block – Buffet Mania 2.0

10 05 2012

I was so very lazy to switch to an iPhone late last year. I just didn’t see what the hype about it was all about, it seemed like its sole purpose was simply to play games on the MRT. Half a year down and I’m now an iPhone convert myself. The google maps rocks, the 9gag reader app rocks and the camera rocks too but now, there’s a new reason to love the iPhone; food apps.

I’m a fan of food blogger heavyweight ieatishootipost and his iPhone app. Apart from being able to search where you can get the best hawker food (by type) in Singapore, you can also search for his recommended hawker stalls around your current location (as seen by the red pins below). Quite useful indeed I must say.

We also have the indispensable Hungrygowhere app that allows you to search for specific restaurants/eateries, or do a general search for restaurants of a certain cuisine, price range or location. You even get access to reviews and ratings that other diners have written about the said restaurant.

And now, yet another food app has come to town – Buffet Mania 2.0

I managed to get a feel of it during the beta testing period and it has just been released officially today. The value proposition of Buffet Mania is that it caters specifically for buffets. And apart from the standard functions available on Hungrygowhere, where you get buffet recommendations (by area), you also get access to reviews for buffets written by well-known bloggers, so that users don’t have to sift through too many junk reviews that provide little information about what the restaurant actually offers for its dishes and concept.

In addition, you also get access to dining coupons that are regularly updated on the app, which can be used to soften the blow of excessively priced buffets. The coupon system for this app operates in a similar fashion to coupon websites like Groupon or, except that you don’t have to print out anything since its a virtual coupon. As such, there is no up-front payments that are incurred by the consumers (us!), adding flexibility to our dining choices.

And if you are a visual person as most guys are, you can just go to the “foodies” section and click on a food image you find appealing and it will show you the profile and details of the restaurant that serves this dish.

So do food apps really help you make faster dining decisions? Or does the range of dining possibilities leave one even more indecisive? Whatever it is, at least your tumtum is assured of better quality food.




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13 05 2012

“And apart from the standard functions available on Hungrygowhere, where you get buffet recommendations (by area), you also get access to reviews for buffets written by well-known bloggers only, so that you don’t have to sift through too many junk reviews.”

Woah! Are you implying that only well-known bloggers’ reviews are worth reading?? And all others are simply junk reviews?? Just to let you know, all these so-called well-known bloggers’ reviews are simply not worth my time~ Most of them are so biased because they didnt pay for their own food and as much as many claimed to be objective, you know damn well you’re not when you tilt your words to be more forgiving and less demanding.

Well-known. Ha~ So disgusted by you. Kinda disappointed that the humble student had obviously let his popularity run to his head.

13 05 2012

hi kaori,

My name is Peter and my blog blog

Thank you for providing feedback for my post but i’d like to clarify some issues with you that might have led to you drawing an unintended inference.

many of the bloggers i know actually make it a point not to attend invitations and are writing out of passion (hungry epicurean and I believe My Food Sirens). the reason why i attend tastings is because it allows me to get a better insight into the restaurant concept and how the foods are prepared as you get access to the chef and restaurant management. i’m no food connoisseur and the reason i started this blog was to force myself to go online to research on food related materials and journal down relevant information. i applaud many bloggers from the food blogging community because for most of us, our blog postings can take up to tens of hours every week on top of our studies/work committments with little, if not no remuneration of any kind, and the general public benefits from getting access to independent information of eateries rather than from the restaurant itself. if it were you, would you be able to make that sacrifice of time every week?

and when i say junk reviews, i mean reviews that give one liners, saying that a place is good or bad and not giving more details or pictures of the food. that to me, is not helpful and does not help me in my decision in whether or not the restaurant fits my budget or what items on the menu are worth trying out. i myself started reviewing on hungrygowhere for a whole year before i even started this blog and i never intended to suggest that the views and reviews of non-food bloggers are any less important than food bloggers.

I have also edited the sentence structure so as not to mislead any other readers from drawing the wrong inference.

I hope this clears the air and I wish you a pleasant weekend. Do feel free to contact me if you have further issues.

+65 91807546

5 12 2012
Jenn Moxs

Hi Peter, thanks for rounding up a list of these food apps! It’s awesome!

But just wanted to let you know of this free iPhone App called Spawt which allows users to see what’s great to eat, shop and play near them; and what their friends are saying about it anytime and anywhere in the world. Users will be able to share where they are, what they are doing and an image of the place or item that they are raving about. Spawt is also enhanced with social media capabilities that allow sharing on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, so friends can easily see their recommendations.

As the up and coming super city guide, they hope to be the solution many ‘what-to-do-next’ Singaporeans face when deciding where to eat or where to go. Navigation through interesting and unexplored places has never been less daunting and more exciting! Download Spawt now at or search them on the iPhone App Store!

It’s a great app for both tourist and locals to use and find what’s awesome nearby or basically to let the app wildcard its way and show you what it thinks you’ve gotta see!

Find out more via their Facebook Page or website at

8 12 2012

Thanks for the info. Will check it out.

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