iFly and SkyLoft, Sentosa – Indoor Sky-diving and Rooftop Dining

24 08 2012

I’m quite the risk averse person when it comes to physical activities. I shy away from scuba diving, sky-diving, bungee jumping and theme parks, though I admit I do ride the occasional roller coaster and spinning teacups to avoid looking (too much) like a wuss in front of members of the opposite sex. So I was a little apprehensive when I received an invitation to try out iFly, an indoor sky-diving tunnel in Sentosa, which was followed by a tasting at Skyloft, a rooftop bar restaurant located in the same premises as iFly. Unsure if such an activity was too adventurous for my risk-profile, I went to check out the online videos and pictures of iFly. Fortunately, they didn’t look too extreme for my feeble heart and I decided to take the leap, literally.

Even little girls can do it!

The most basic package is priced between $50 to $89 (depending on the time and day of visit, whether you are an adult, student or child and whether a booking had been made in advance) and consists of 2 skydives. Each skydive simulates a fall from 12,000 feet to 2,500 feet and lasts approximately 45 seconds.

Do not fret if you have no experience in sky-diving as a short training session is conducted pre-flight to advise flyers on the various hand signals used, basic postures for the dive and of course, a review of safety tips. In all, the whole activity lasted approximately 1.5 hours.

Me during a dive

During the 2nd flight, the instructor lifted me up all the way to the top of the wind tunnel and dropped me back down to the base of the wind tunnel for the additional thrill.

Happy sky-divers 😀

Happy that I didn’t embarrass myself too badly during the flights, I then proceeded on to SkyLoft, which is housed on the roof of the iFly complex. It’s a pretty chill place and in the late mornings and afternoons, the outdoor area makes for a great place to do some light reading and casual chit chats, as it is rather spacious and conducive enough for mugging, working or slacking purposes.

However, I would imagine that the best time to visit SkyLoft is in the evenings, where you get to catch a glimpse of the sunset, the laser show and fireworks display from Songs of the Sea, followed by live music by renowned musicians such as Claire & Charmaine (on Wednesdays), Jack & Rai (on Thursdays), Shirlyn & the UnXpected (on Fridays) and Sara & 53A (on Saturdays).

Lazing at SkyLoft on a Saturday Afternoon

View of Songs of the Sea from SkyLoft

Of course in the afternoon heat, I would rather escape into the cool embrace of air conditioning.

SkyLoft’s Indoor Seating, for lovers of air-con

The cuisine at SkyLoft isn’t very pronouced, though it veers much towards western. Just when you think it’s an Italian joint with its list of pastas and pizzas, you stumble upon items like Pork Ribs, Steak and even Laksa.

We started with a serving of the Wings ($14++), sinful fried chicken wings that were coated with a marinade tasting suspiciously like prawn paste and garnished with a light sprinkling of chicken floss. You can hardly go wrong with fried chicken. I believe most of us can attest to that. But in terms of preference, I would still go for a good old bucket of KFC fresh out of the fryer!

Stone the food blogger who raves about KFC right?

Perhaps a better snack worth ordering is the chunky Truffle Fries ($12++), which was very decent and managed to stay crisp for a surprisingly long time.

I found the Big Breakfast ($16++) unexciting. It is made up of the usual suspects, Egg (choice of sunny side up, overeasy, poached, scrambled, runny scrambled), Pork Sausage, Bacon, Semi-dried tomato, Baked Beans, Sauteed Mushrooms and Mixed Salad, none of which stands out from the mediocre in terms of taste.

I believe food should be made fresh, from scratch if possible to justify the premium we pay when dining out so it irked me that the Baked Beans seemed to be of the canned variety. The Bacon too was much too salty. I would have loved to try some homemade sausages but there’s hardly any cafes around that do, so I can’t fault them on that but if you know of any local cafes that do, do share and comment below!

The Eggs Benedict ($14++) has room for improvement too, as the Hollandaise Sauce was way too tart.

Instead of the usual white noodles that we are familiar with, SkyLoft’s Laksa ($18) is made using Yellow Noodles and topped off with Jumbo King Prawn, Fish Ball, Fish Cake, Tow Pok, Spiced Coconut Gravy and Sambal Chili. Perhaps familiarity with the slender white noodles has made me resistant to change, but I find the yellow noodle a bit too thick and chewy, so much so that it felt like I was having a bowl of curry chicken noodles instead. I didn’t take to the  coconut gravy either as it was too watered down, and too spicy for me to handle. The best thing in this dish was definitely the fresh and springy jumbo prawn, which could be something you might be paying $16 for in Newton Circus.

So while SkyLoft gets full marks for its laid back ambience, the food has some way to go. This was surprising as I found their canapes very well executed when I was there for their restaurant launch about half a year back.

In conclusion, I would say that iFly is worth a visit, especially if you have not sky-dived before. If you have some spare cash lying around and are planning to throw a party, what I can suggest is to book the sky tunnel for a private event, followed by food, booze and music at SkyLoft. It promises to be an experience you and your friends will not be forgetting for a long time.

Special thanks to iFly and SkyLoft for the invitation!

SkyLoft @ iFly Singapore

43 Siloso Beach Walk, #05-01

Tel: +65 6270 0602

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