Ticktok – New Eatery Queue Time App

20 10 2012

Have you ever been frustrated of long waiting times to get seats at eateries? Don’t you wish there was an app that could feed you real time information on estimated queue times? Well, there’s a new app that just launched on 17 October that does just that and it’s called TickTok. In addition to giving real time info on queue times, the app is also location sensitive and provides additional features such as giving you a list of restaurants within your vicinity, providing restaurant reviews and informing users on promotions that these restaurants are offering.

The interface is user friendly so you should be navigating your way around it like a pro in a jiffy.

To incentivize users to share real time info, the app also gives out dining rewards in the form of discount vouchers for active users. Well, I think the idea is novel but it must be driven by a large user network to be successful and whether or not it can attract a large enough user base, TickTok…only time will tell.



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