[Mannheim, Germany] Vino & Pizzateca – Affordable and Friendly Italian Joint

6 09 2013

Been a bit laggy in my posts recently. Reason being is that I’m currently on student exchange at the University of Mannheim in Germany for a semester and have been busy hunting for accommodation for the past 2 weeks. The good news is that everything’s settled and school has started over here as well. The even greater news is that I have a freakishly awesome timetable with a 2-day week (with 5 back-to-back classes from 830am to 5pm on Tuesdays), leaving me with much time for traveling and such.

While Mannheim isn’t exactly the food capital of Germany, it does have its fair share of gourmet restaurants with 3 Michelin-starred restaurants within a 5km radius from the city centre. Hopefully, I will manage to visit at least 1 or 2 of them if budget allows.

For this Thursday lunch however, we headed down to a more cosy and casual eatery called Vino & Pizzateca, a small Italian joint that is ranked number 3rd on Tripadviser out of approximately 400 restaurants in the vicinity.

Friend of 10 years/current flatmate posing for a photo

One of the great things about Germany is the cheap alcohol. I’m used to getting crap house wines but the bottle of house wine (19.90 Euros) we had here from Lugana region of Lombardy, Italy was really up my alley. The wine was made solely from Trebbiano grapes and tasted very light despite packing 13% alcohol. It didn’t feel dry texturally and was perfect in quelling the heat from a summer’s day.

I’m more of a pasta than pizza person and hence ordered the Pasta Franca (11.90 Euros), which was basically a pasta tossed with minced beef, sauteed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes in wine white and olive oil. From the two weeks here so far, the general feeling I get is that Germans are rather generous with their use of salt so I was rather appreciative that this dish was much milder and more suited to the Singaporean palate.

While the Beni Pizza (10.90 Euros) was salty, I thought it was to be expected from a bacon and salami pizza.

We also had the Rucola Pizza (12.90 Euros), which is topped with rockets, tomatoes, cheese and parma ham. On the whole, I thought the thin-crusted pizzas were executed well and with the range of pizzas offered here, there shouldn’t be any problems finding one to your liking.

Although it’s self service here, the staff were still really friendly and seemed to be enjoying their work. Will definitely be popping by again shortly.

Vino & Pizzateca Mannheim

L4, 9, Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Tel:  0621 – 152779

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